In 1966 I started to  breed English Bulldogs with Jonny und Hexli

Haubitze and Goldenboy vom Grafensprung.D)

It had always been my aspiration to breed healthy goodlooking dogs with their typical bulldog temperament. However in the course of time I had to realize that increasingly a deviation from the original standard took place, a fact that prompted me to write a book under the  title „The English Bulldog – A Breed Portrait“

For some  time I tried to breed a somewhat lighter and more athletic type through rigorous selection

Pickwick Quest Royal

Ch. Pickwick On the Mood

and even though  I was able to achieve that goal, I was still not satisfied with some  of the features like resilience, breathing, natural whelping etc. The venerable animal expert, Dr. h.c. Hans Räber who deplorably has passed  away but with whom I often exchanged ideas about these problems,  explained to me that just through selection I would never be able to  obtain a considerable improvement due to the loss of important gene  which are  responsible for health and fitness. These could only be brought   back through outcrossing.

These discussions made me all the more determined to execute my  long-harboured idea to infuse new blood. In order not to diverge too far from the Bulldog type and to preserve its special temperament I decided to have a closer look at the Olde English Buldogge (OEB) and found out that this breed would be
very suitable for my purpose.


Léveque’s Briska

After seriously considering the matter from all sides I decided in 2000 to seek  permission from the Swiss Kennel Club through the Swiss Club for English Bulldogs to cross-breed my English Bulldogs with OEBs. Based on personal visits with breeders and of dog shows in America I bought two OEB dogs and two bitches and on July 8, 2001 the first litter (OEB Birchwood’s Spike x EB Pickwick Lady Pinkarella) was born which already proved to be very promising

the five week old Puppies

Because the thus in the meantime born dogs – Old Type Pickwick Bulldogs – as I named them t the time, fully convinced the responsible people at the Swiss Kennel Club and even more so their new owners, the Swiss Kennel Club permitted in September 2004 the creation of a new bulldog breed under the name