My observations are that whelping practically always  takes a normal course. During the pre-phase the bitches are generally quiet, the expulsion periods is fairly short and not too strenuous. What is most astonishing for me is the ability of the puppies to absorb easily the stress during birth. The muzzles are slimmer and considerably longer and I am regularly astonished at how quickly the newborns start to suckle and hold on to the teats.

At the age of 1 week they start to defend and fight for the best teat on top of their voices. They have no problem to crawl over each other or to turn around if fallen on their backs.

At the age of 2 weeks the puppies start to walk by trying to stem their little bodies on wobbly legs and move forward. Those with longer tails use them as balance. 

At the age of 3 weeks they can walk around the litter box and already crawl over the edge for their “business”. They are also able to climb out of a plastic tub.

 At the age of 4 weeks they start to eat from a plate and they very rarely swallow the wrong way.

At the age of 5 weeks they follow us around wagging their tails and when we call them the come running

and they are already fairly independent when mummy is not always around.

In this connection the report by Dr. h.c. Hans Räber of his impressions of the first club show organized by the Continental Bulldog Club of Switzerland on July 9, 2006
may be of interest.