According to the conditions stipulated by the Swiss Kennel Club, the Breed Club was founded on Dember 5, 2004, the Standard „Continental Bulldog“ was established and the Breed and Selection Regulations drawn up. With the publication of the decision taken by the  central committee of the Swiss Kennel Club in their official magazine HUNDE on February 25, 2005 with the following wording the status became legalized

During the Meeting of the Central Committee on February 19, the following important decisions were taken:

„The newly founded Continental Bulldog Club Schweiz has been recognized as new breed Club


At the same time, the Breed Standard and the Breed and Selection Regulations of the newly founded club were
approved as well as the attribution of the CAC and Reserve-CAC and the Junior-CAC and Reserve-Junior-CAC to Continental Bulldogs and
the homologation of  the titles Swiss Beauty Champion and Junior Swiss Beauty Champion.“

Thus the immense work for the recognition of the new breed by the International  International Cynologic Federation FCI could start. The criterions hereof are very severe. Eight  bloodlines which are completely independent  from one another are needed  which means that no animal of the ancestors of one bloodline in three  generations (parents, grand-parents and great-grand-parents) of the basic dogs  may appear in one of the other seven bloodlines. Out of eight litters of each of  these eight bloodlines two dogs and six bitches which are not siblings have to  exist.

By now I have been able to  fulfil my goal resp.  these criterions and the Swiss Kennel Club has  deposited its request for the provisional recognition of the Continental Bulldog  with the FCI. The many encouraging  statements I received from owners of the Continental Bulldog and other dog  lovers have sustained me through all these years to go to the end of the chosen  path despite the many negatives which practically all of them have nothing to do  with breeding.

I am quite happy now that I  can slow down and just create the phenotype I visualize which has not always  been possible so far due to the rules of the eight blood lines.